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Sock Monsters 
The wooly card quest
MathU, Molly, Lola and their friends
are eager to become sock-gobbling champions!

A Really Simple Sock Collecting Card Game


The Cards

Sock Monsters game: Molly
Sock Monsters game: MathU
Monster Cards
There are 10 monster card in the game. They all love to gobble socks, but every player can use only one monster to collect sock. The remaining monsters will try to help their friends by stealing sock cards from other players' hands.
Sock Cards
There are 30 sock cards of 5 different colors in the game. You can only collect one color, but there are also 2 chameleon cards you can use.
If you are lucky enough to find them.
Attack & Defense Cards
Sometimes you want to block an opponent from advancing too soon. Attacks are a great way to try and take the lead, but beware: when you attack, you don't collect. Besides, your opponent may have the defense against your attack.
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